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2019 Audit Compilation Report

2019 Federal 990

2018 Audit Compilation Report

2018 Federal 990

2017 Federal Tax Return

2017 Federal 99

2016 Federal Tax Return

2016 Federal 99

2015 Federal Tax Return

2015 Federal 99

2014 Federal 990/AZ 99

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Articles of Incorporation & Annual Reports

Articles of Incorporation

Every year MAM produces a report letting our donors and the public know what we accomplished in the past year.

Annual Report FY2013

Annual Report FY2014

Annual Report FY2015

Annual Report FY2016

Annual Report FY2017

Annual Report FY2018

Annual Report FY2020

Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization

MAM is proud to be a qualifying charitable organization recognized by the state of Arizona. This means
charitable donations to MAM may qualify for a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement on state taxes up to
$400 for an individual or $800 for a couple. As always please discuss your situation with your tax adviser.

Charitable tax credit